Today, Christians live in a secular society. If they are significantly to influence that society two things are necessary. The first is to reappraise their own tradition and the second is to understand and be able to interact meaningfully with that secular society of which, emphatically, they are a part. Our website seeks to define the distinctive Stepping Stones approach. It is ecumenical in the widest sense, looks at old issues in new ways and challenges long held assumptions.

The Stepping Stones project organises meetings to review various issues relevant to its declared objectives. These include such topics as how women were marginalised in the early Church and what lessons from this have relevance today. The situation regarding tax havens will be examined at a meeting in October.

Part of the Stepping Stones purpose is to scrutinise the Christian tradition not least what can be learned from the pre-Nicene history. We have examined the Didache or The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles in one of our meetings and explored in another just how the New Testament came to be assembled. One subject we believe well worth exploring is how far, in the light of recent studies, the community of Qumran revealed in the Dead Sea Scrolls, provided a model for the post-Pentecostal Church.

It is now rather pointless to spend time trying to deny evolution since the situation has moved to one where humanity can potentially take charge of its biological destiny. The implications of this are so little understood that it is necessary to raise awareness and turn debate in a useful relevant direction. We need to recognise that natural selection has brought us to the point where we have begun to free ourselves from it.


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